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PWaveHosp is an easy to use, flexible and robust cloud based hospital management software which can work wonders in enhancing operational efficiency of your hospital. The software is designed to work effortlessly for multispecialty hospital and you can choose whether you want to operate it on cloud, partial cloud or totally offline. It is integrated end-to-end Hospital Management software that provides relevant information across the hospital to enhance efficiency and ensure smooth experience for patients, doctors, hospital administration, pathologists, and pharmacists.

We have built it keeping every aspect of hospital working conditions to reduce your workload and facilitate seamless and error free interaction with all departments which usually makes the software complex. We have kept it so simple that nurses and low literate staff can also use it with minimal training effort.


You might already be having a software OR multiple software for every department in your hospital. The problem with having multiple softwares’ in hospital reduces efficiency and creates a dependency on each department to enter the data again, creating redundancy and double documentation. Here are common problems faced by management in operating a hospital:

  • Scheduling: To facilitate communication between doctors, admin staff continuously uses phone calls, which is time consuming

  • Billing: Since the interdepartmental dependencies exists, on an average patient has to wait about 3-4 hours to get his discharge documents and get a bill from accounts

  • Reporting: Every department generates its own report and its tedious to get customized reporting and detailed MIS to take business decisions

  • Inventory Management: Occupancy levels, inventory of essential supplies and equipment’s are not properly maintained

  • Communication : For day-to-day operations, coordination between admin staff, patient, patient’s family members, visiting doctors, doctor on duty, nurses, pharmacy, pathology, blood bank etc, there is no proper structure in place, which creates lag and highly prone to human error.


We have taken into account every complex structure and created a fully integrated cloud –based hospital management system, which addresses ongoing operational redundancies and bring everything together in one single software system. Keeping Indian working conditions in mind, we offer our solutions both offline and online. Benefits of installing our software:

  • Scheduling: We have designed various modules to ensure smooth scheduling, like appointment management, OT Management, Search a Doctor, OPD and InPatient Department. All these modules are integrated and information flows to admin staff, which can conveniently schedule and manage reminders.
  • Billing: We have the fastest discharge process, as we take all approvals from departments as soon as they occur and added to patient account. Such practice ensures paperless transactions and faster billing and exit formalities.
  • Reporting: Since our software is integrated, you can receive customized and detailed MIS reports in real time, anywhere with minimum keystrokes, which helps in making business decisions
  • Patient Records: Occupancy levels, inventory of essential supplies and equipment’s are not properly maintained
  • Communication: Our system provides real time chat feature, which drastically reduces time spent in day-to-day coordination between all the personnel involved with the patient. Being automated, it also reduces probability of human error.
  • Doctor Information System: All patients’ records are securely saved electronically in the system and hence doctor can easily check previous medical conditions and make an informed decision about patient care.
  • Referral Management System: Our software keeps track of third party claims and also has various modules designed to ensure referrals and discounts
  • Inventory Management System: All the inventories can be managed by various modules, like pharmacy, pathology, equipment, supplies.
  • Design customized health packages: You can design custom health packages or choose our standard templates to boost revenues
  • API: Integrate our API on your website and patients can directly book appointments from your own website.
  • Multiple-Locations: Manage chain of hospitals easily through our software and get integrated reports.


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