5 Reasons Doctors should use EMR

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1.   Legal requirement- Constitution is uppermost body of every state, and every citizen is expected to follow rules as laiden by particular state Law. In India EMR act first passed in 2011, Last year government of India has redrafted EMR act which came to known as :

'Electronic Health Record (EHR) Standards for India -2016' - MOHFW(Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

, This act suggests that every Doctor in country should use EHR and that Doctor should be able to reproduce prescription he has written within 72 hours upon a request made by lawful authority.

2.   Current Trends - Electronic record keeping (Digitalization) has affected all sectors of society.  Healthsector cannot go untouched.  Trying to avoid such digitalization is like swimming against the stream.

3   Beneficial to patient-  As patient history is available and handy, It some time becomes very helpful in providing proper and timely diagnosis and can help avoid certain drugs, medication or treatment which may be injurious or unnecessary for a particular individual.  Treatment can be started more specifically rather than beginning empirical treatment and than modifying according to patient response.

4.  Beneficial to Doctors and healthcare sector - As patient history, complaints, investigations, treatment and patient response data is available with doctors they can analyze their practice. Pattern of diseases which they more commonly see. Trends of diseases etc.  Collectively this data can be analyze to prepare better treatment protocols.

5. Beneficial to Community - As patient data is available and can be analyze to identify epidemics early changing disease patterns, their association with different risk factors,  so on a large database, with disease patterns, population distribution, peoples acceptance of suggested treatment, tutorial etc can be helpful in formulating more effective policies.

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