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We at Pwave Technologies are passionate about healthcare industry and have developed products which can reduce the average time spent by stakeholders of the industry, making the system more efficient. We aim to integrate the full sector by providing unified software for Hospitals, Doctors, Chemists, Pathologies, Radiologists, OPD and Clinics.


Comprehensive software solution for patient appointment, opd, ipd, ot, drugs, monitoring.


Comprehensive software solution for patient appointment, prescription, drugs, monitoring.


Comprehensive software solution for Investigation, Observation Reports, monitoring.


Comprehensive software solution for sales entry, purchase entry, stock management, expiry managment.

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What the World is Talking
about us.

PWave has brought a Big Revolution in the world of Healthcare, with accuracy there is transparency and everything happens with just one touch. I will definitely recommend it.


- Rohit Jaiswal

Owner, Jaiswal medical

What the World is Talking
about us.

A well-Structured platform to automate workflow, with such complicated patient Data and their records. No more faulty errors. Thanks for saving our time!


- Deepak Gupta

Founder, MG Hospital

Why us

Automation will save you time and money by efficiently organizing processes and lower risks of error-prone human intervention. We have carefully studied every single aspect of your businesses and can definitely say that our software are the fastest you will get in the market today. If you want to expand your business, getting right IT controls and automation provides a stable Launchpad for your business to grow.

Going digital can give you an edge over your competitors as you can control and manage multi-location and multi-department interaction seamlessly. Moreover, since we provide cloud based software you can access every detail on your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. Our analytical insights can help you in targeting customers, managing employees, budgeting, managing inventories and coordinating with other stakeholders of the industry.

    Multi Location support
    Secure backup
    Anytime, Any device, Anywhere
    Advanced Analytic & Reporting
    Economically Efficient
    Super-Fast Billing
    Compatible for Offline & Online
    Enhanced Security

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